The large Salinaax range of sterile buffered isotonic solution is designed for emergency eye and wound wash, specifically for workplace injury.

Every day, workers are exposed to hazardous substances. Serious injury can occur even with minor contact.
When injury happens, your employees depend on emergency eye wash stations to flush away dangerous chemicals
to reduce potential long-term physical damage.
Toxic substances, when contacting the eye, immediately begin to damage the sensitive tissues and the longer the
contact, the greater the damage to the eye.
Besides tissue damage, acids and alkali can change the pH in the eye itself.
When the eyes natural pH level moves out of the narrow tolerable range, severe eye damage, including blindness may
result. It is imperative to begin flushing as quickly as possible after the eye comes into contact with a harmful substance.
Studies show that the seconds immediately following an eye injury or chemical splash are often critical to minimising

AAXIS - Makers of Salinaax:  Since being established in 1988 AAXIS has continued to develop, grow and support the healthcare marketplace through innovative, product development, company acquisitions, strategic partnerships, distributor agreements and government contracts.

AAXIS has established international manufacturing facilities in Australia and overseas, including the Sage sterile procedure and instrument pack manufacturing sites.

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