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Reliance Products

Reliance Products- Where does it go? Bio-Blue & Bio-Green for portable and emergency toilets and porta-potties!

Reliance Products believes that consideration of the environment is a fundamental requirement for a healthy, sustainable business. This belief is reflected in three key ways; Firs  in how they operate their facilities to minimize the environmental impacts in their immediate vicinities, Secondly, in the products they develop to offer alternatives that can reduce the impact of disposal in the environment, Finally, in how Reliance Products move their products to market so as to minimize waste and pollution.

Bio Blue: Bio-Blue has been a trusted deodorant for years. The dry powder deodorant quickly neutralizes and destroys odors while leaving a pleasant smell.

Bio-Green: When you’re looking for a reliable waste digester for your toilet look no further. Bio-Green breaks down human waste and even toilet tissue quickly and effectively while leaving a pleasant smell.

Reliance Products is one of the largest supplier of water container products, globally, keying in on the mass merchants.  One of there most environmentally friendly products are the Bio Blue Toilet deodorizer and the Bio-Green Waste Digesters which are products that can be used in an emergency situation or just while you are camping. They will ensure your human waste is disposed of properly with no lingering odor or chance of contamination.

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