On Duty

On Duty - the spark free emergency gas and power shut off tool -

Using the “4 in 1 Emergency Tool" will help you prepare for any emergency. When faced with an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, severe storm, or other life-threatening disaster, it is essential to be able to perform certain life-saving tasks. Turning off your gas valve may be necessary to avoid an explosion or fire due to a gas leak. Equally important, you must be able to turn off your main water valve in the event of a break in a water pipe, which could result in severe flooding of your home or business.  Thanks to the invention of the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™, you can perform all of these important tasks with one lightweight, heavy duty, easy-to-use tool. This affordable, multi-functioning tool is a must for every home, business, and emergency kit. When you or your family are in danger, you can count on the 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ to assist you in multiple safety and rescue tasks.

The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ was developed out of concern for the inventor's  wife and children who would be left to fend for themselves while he worked emergency duty as a Professional Firefighter after an earthquake. He wondered if, in the case of a major earthquake, his wife would be able to turn off gas and water, and be able to get to our family's earthquake supplies. He had a deep concern for the general public's knowledge and preparation for any disaster. Rescue is the most important factor in any emergency. The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ was designed with a wedge for prying open jammed doors or cabinets to get to trapped victims or supplies.  The rubbish claw was designed to dig through debris or structural members for the same reasons. When on a fire department emergency call, one of my first assignments is to turn off the building's water and gas to prevent additional water damage or explosion due to gas leakage. The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ is designed with a wide grip and enough leverage to help the weakest person or even a child to turn the gas off. "I knew that such an important tool had to be made from a special, tough, lightweight alloy that would not spark (gas leak), or rust, and be able to stand up through the worst disaster.

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