The NexTemp® Single Use (Disposable) Clinical Thermometer

Medical Indicators (MII), parent company of NexTemp, is one of the largest manufacturers of single-use and reusable medical thermometers in the world.  MII’s products, sold under the brand names of “Tempa•DOT™”, “NexTemp®” and “TraxIt®” are used to take accurate human body temperature readings.  MII’s products are used globally by medical professionals, and supplied to the market through all of the major medical distributors.  Most end users are hospitals, dialysis clinics, national health systems, and blood collection centers.

The NexTemp® Single Use (Disposable) Clinical Thermometer is used for applications that require high-accuracy and excellent infection prevention properties. Each unit is individually wrapped and intended for single patient use. Single use, disposable thermometers dramatically reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination that can expose patients to infections such as C.difficile, MRSA, Norovirus, and Rotavirus. These infections are easily spread through casual person-to-person and object-to-person contact. NexTemp® thermometers circumvent this risk by eliminating the handling and use of reusable equipment (which often carries infectious disease) and by providing a clean instrument that is used with a single patient and then discarded.

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