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MegaBRITE - Dynamo and waterproof flashlights - will your Flashlight work when you need it?

MegaBRITE products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality standards. They are able to accomplish this cost effectively by manufacturing in an efficient manner and by being very selective when deciding which products they bring to market. Reputable test labs are utilized to insure their products meet or exceed ANSI standards. They test the material quality, hardness, esthetics, functionality and safety aspects of each product.  MegaBRITE products are put through three inspection processes prior to leaving our production facilities. Their commitment to insuring quality is evident with a defective rate of less than 0.5%.

MegaBRITE lighting products feature revolutionary patented self-powered lights, super bright LEDs that never need replacing and Patented TriVex™ lens optics for superior beams.  Their products such as the MegaBrite Turbo flashlight with phone charger and Waterproof Aqua Max self powered flashlights are proof of their innovativeness, high quality, and effective use during emergency situations. Being self powered, these are perfect to keep in case of power outages or emergencies.

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