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First Aid Store™ is the Home of First Aid Only Products. This website is First Aid Only's direct sale channel - come shop and enjoy at First Aid Store™. For the past quarter century, we've worked to be out in front in bringing first aid solutions to our customers. We're happy to announce, First Aid Only is now part of the Acme United Corporation family.

First Aid Only is not only their company name. It’s what they do. For the past quarter century, they have worked to be out in front in bringing first aid solutions to our customers. As their CEO says, if you’re not the lead dog, the view ahead doesn’t change that much. So they don’t follow any wagging tails. They leave that to their competitors. Others are content copying their kits and first aid solutions in the marketplace. But First Aid Only is  o.k. with that, because it tells them just where to find their  competitors: way behind them.

With one of the largest selections in the industry, FAO can help you be prepared and OSHA compliant. Ensuring your company has appropriate first aid and emergency preparedness products in place is a challenge. What do you need? How much do you need? What regulations must you meet? First Aid Only  can help you answer those questions. Regardless of company size, industry or specialty, First Aid Only has the products you need to be prepared and be compliant.
500 unique workplace products. It’s actually closer to 550, but FAO doesn't want to brag. And their products and solutions are sized and packaged to be convenient, sturdy, attractive and easy to use. Here’s a sample of  popular workplace solutions and kits:

  •    Stations
  •     Cabinets
  •     Welder
  •     Restaurant
  •     Truckers
  •     Lifeguard
  •     Logger

Emergency Preparedness Kits:

  •     General Preparedness
  •     Event Specific Preparedness
  •     CPR Responder
  •     Burn Responder
  •     Trauma Responder
  •     Fluid Spill Responder


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