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Band-Aid (Johnson & Johnson)

America’s #1 bandage brand covers all your wound-protection needs. BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages have covered and protected cuts and scrapes for millions of people over 90 years. They are committed to providing high-quality and innovative products for you and your family. By offering all types of shapes sizes, amounts and different fabrics, they have a bandage to cover any of your situations.

Who hasn't used BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages? In a world full of cuts, scrapes, and blisters it seems hard to imagine life without those little adhesive bandages. Of course, there have always been cuts and scrapes, but there haven’t always been adhesive bandages. This fact was painfully clear to a young housewife named Josephine Dickson. Back in 1920, this newlywed was living in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with her husband Earle. A cotton buyer at Johnson & Johnson, Earle came home every night to find dinner on the table courtesy of his loving wife Josephine. She worked hard to keep their home beautiful; and sometimes suffered for her work by getting cuts or minor burns on her fingers. Since adhesive bandages were not available at the time, Earle and Josephine would cut pieces of adhesive tape and cotton gauze to make bandages of their own. This became rather time consuming. They were in a real bind. Thus came the idea that eventually became a "Band-Aid"

We sell many quality adhesive bandages at First Aid Store, but there is only one "Band-Aid"

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