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Accoutrements (Archie McPhee)

Accoutrement products range from novelty and candy to just genuinely fun gag gifts. One of their most popular items are their Bandage line. How can your young in's stay sad when they put on an underwear or monster bandage? There are also other fantastic, funny and whimsical bandages such as Pickles, Jesus, Affirmation and even bacon strips! Each tin contains 15 bandages and even a free prize!

Uh Oh... Emergency Underpants… Plus - Bigfoot Bandages? Shakespeare? Jesus and Smiley Face? Of Course! Get fun theme decorated bandaids to cheer up that boo boo! Pickle Bandages,Devil Duckie Adhesive Bandages, Public Toilet Survival Kit, Skin Art bandaids, Tattoo Bandage, Edgar Allan Poe Bandages, Baseball Bandages, Cupcake Bandages, Jesus Bandages, Foodie Bandages, Mr. Men bandaid, Little Miss Bandages, Mustache Bandages,Boo Boo Kisses Bandages, Cowboy Bandages, Underpants Bandages, Monster Bandages, Pirate Adhesive Bandages, Rainbow Monkey Bandages, Basketball Bandages, Affirmation Bandages, Hockey Bandages, Enchanted Unicorn Bandages, Abraham Lincoln Bandages, Crime Scene Bandages, Football Bandages, Girl's Soccer Bandages, Macaroni Cheese Bandages, Mad Libs Bandages, Soccer Bandages, Bacon Strips Bandages, Jane Austen Bandages

For over 25 years Accoutrements and Archie McPhee have provided the world with amazing products that provoke, challenge and entertain. From a Yodeling Pickle to Bacon Bandages, Accoutrements creates things that people need to have! You won't find bland and boring products here, in fact, they pride ourselves on being less disappointing than other companies. Accoutrements produces things they love in an original way. Each item has a fresh twist that makes it just a little bit better. Don't risk boring the wounded! Let Accoutrements products make your healing more memorable.

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