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DOT HAZMAT Safety Training

Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials (DOT HAZMAT) - The hazardous materials regulations have changed significantly over the last several years. These changes were first introduced in Docket HM-181 which provided for the harmonization of the United State's hazardous materials regulations with international standards in order to facilitate foreign trade and maintain the competitiveness of U.S. goods. - First Aid Store offers this series of DOT HAZMAT Safety Training Products to help comply with these far-reaching and complex regulations. The programs offer an overview and help companies comply with the many subsections of the code: TITLE 49—Transportation Subtitle B—OTHER REGULATIONS RELATING TO TRANSPORTATION CHAPTER I—PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION SUBCHAPTER A—HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AND OIL TRANSPORTATION rule Part Table of Contents Headings rule 100-104 [RESERVED] 105 105.5 to 105.55 HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PROGRAM DEFINITIONS AND GENERAL PROCEDURES 106 106.5 to 106.130 RULEMAKING PROCEDURES 107 107.1 to 107.809 HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PROGRAM PROCEDURES 109 109.1 to 109.103 DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION HAZARDOUS MATERIAL PROCEDURAL REGULATIONS 110 110.1 to 110.130 HAZARDOUS MATERIALS PUBLIC SECTOR TRAINING AND PLANNING GRANTS rule SUBCHAPTER B—OIL TRANSPORTATION 130 130.1 to 130.33 OIL SPILL PREVENTION AND RESPONSE PLANS rule SUBCHAPTER C—HAZARDOUS MATERIALS REGULATIONS 171 171.1 to 171.26 GENERAL INFORMATION, REGULATIONS, AND DEFINITIONS 172 172.1 to 172.822 HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TABLE, SPECIAL PROVISIONS, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS COMMUNICATIONS, EMERGENCY RESPONSE INFORMATION, TRAINING REQUIREMENTS, AND SECURITY PLANS 173 173.1 to 173.477 SHIPPERS—GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR SHIPMENTS AND PACKAGINGS 174 174.1 to 174.750 CARRIAGE BY RAIL 175 175.1 to 175.900 CARRIAGE BY AIRCRAFT 176 176.1 to 176.907 CARRIAGE BY VESSEL 177 177.800 to 177.870 CARRIAGE BY PUBLIC HIGHWAY

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