Fundraiser First Aid Kits

Fundraiser First Aid Kits
Image displaying practical fundraising first aid kits

First Aid Kit Fundraiser Fundraising Program! 100% Mark up or greater!!! First aid is needed everywhere - homes, businesses, events... With this unique & healthy fundraising program, you can meet your fundraising goals while offering a nice alternative to the typical candy, candles, magazines, and gift wrap! Buy them for $5 - Sell them for $10 or more...

Looking for a fast, easy, and unique approach to fundraising for your school, church, non-profit, or other group this year? Our First Aid Kit Fundraiser is the solution for a fun, healthy, and safe fundraiser - this new idea for fundraising is sweeping the nation with popular response from PTAs, PTO's, Scouts, Schools, Churches, and more - See how easy it is to raise funds with this new alternative to the worn out and unwanted candy, gift wrap, magazines, and candles - download the free brochures and get your First Aid Fundraiser Starter kit TODAY.

Who can refuse?

  • 1. Order the Sample Pack (recommended)
  • 2. Download Your FREE Customizable First Aid Fundraiser Promotional Pack and Order Form
  • 3. AND GO GET 'EM!
  • What an EASY Sale! Buy them for $5 ~ Sell them for $10 (or More!) Easy enough? Pre-sell, sell at your fundraising event, or pre-order to sell door-to-door.

    We offer two amazing First Aid Fundraising Program Items: Home and Auto First Aid Kits

    After you have taken your orders or are ready pre-order, just fax or email in your order form, or return here to place your order online!

    This easy-to-implement fundraising program also offers colorful sales material and samples to train the participants and/or show to your buyers. This is an easy program even for first time fundraisers.

    Image displaying home fundraising first aid kits

    FREE Downloadable Fundraising Material Includes

    Additional Sales Tools:

    • • 5 sample fundraiser first aid kits (mixed) in a Fundraiser carry box. (purchase below for just $25 including a great – and FREE - door-to-door carry tote!) *Limit 5 per customer – If you have an exception for this limit, please call us Toll Free.
    • • Use these samples for training, and carry them along in the convenient carry box to show your buyers!
    • • Some successful Fundraisers have purchased the kits in advance so they can sell them immediately at their event or door to door... others use their sales sheets to track orders and purchase with us after the close of their Fundraiser, to then distribute the kits to their buyers.

    3 Easy Ways to RAI$E Money...

    GREAT WAY: Download the free brochures, type in your Organization's information & print out as many as you need, then go take orders!

    BETTER WAY: Download the free brochures, type in your Organization's information & print out as many as you need, ORDER A SAMPLE PACK BELOW TO TRAINER YOUR “Sellers” AND SHOW YOUR "Customers", then go take orders!

    MOST SUCCESSFUL WAY: Download the free brochures, type in your Organization's information & print out as many as you need, PRE-ORDER AS MANY AS YOU EXPECT TO SELL, then go take orders! With this, you may want to consider ordering 75% of your goal quantity, to avoid the fees involved with making a return (if not all kits are sold) and as additional orders can always be placed if you sell more than you preordered. (We have seen 40% higher returns when the "customer" can get an immediate exchange of the kit for their is the BEST way to get high sales, whether door-to-door, taken home, or at an event ~ You do not have to ask the "customer" to trust that they will receive something in the future; they get it right then and there! (And you can still take orders for more when you sell out!)

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