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    Used as a proverbial reminder that no one is entirely independent and that everyone relies in some way on other people, the phrase no man is an island comes from “Meditation XVII,” part of the metaphysical poet John Donne’s prose-poem Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions:

    No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

    Donne wrote his Devotions, a series of 23 essays on life, death, health, and sickness while recovering from a near-fatal illness in the early 1620s and published them in 1624.

    When you are faced with a disaster, you can often face physical and psychological strain. It's often hard to remember what to do in an emergency situation,

    When it is all up to you to help yourself….
    When you are on your own without the everyday amenities that we all take for granted…
    When there’s no one around and you are thrust into a situation of high risk and jeopardy to your well being…

    This is what survival and disaster preparedness is all about.

    Over the next weeks leading up to and then continuing on through all of September for National Preparedness Month, we are going to directly address the problems of what to do.

    We will help you answer the question: "How do you sustain yourself until help arrives?"

    Our upcoming articles will also explore the scenarios that may develop when alone in outside environments. Disaster and Emergency survival is often very similar to camping and wilderness subsistence... We will address how  to cope when alone in outside environments. We are going look at the physiological aspects of survival, the realities of how we can help ourselves and others around us until assistance can reach us or until we are able to get out of our dilemma under our own power.

    Disasters or emergency encounters do not come by invitation.  They are not planned, nor scheduled. The reality is that n life, most unpleasantness that we encounter seems to happen at the most inopportune times.

    Because you are reading our site, you are a concerned individual. We remind you that nobody knows everything about everything! If something you read strikes an idea or motivates a solution to a dilemma, write it down and use it if the situation ever arises. Share it with us to pass along, too... and, of course, seek additional materials to further your education.

    Stay tuned.. we'll be sharing a lot - you can bookmark us, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, join our G+ circle, subscribe to our RSS feed... or just check back every day or so for a LOT of great survival tips and ideas!

    PRE-pared means yo plan and supply yourself BEFORE Disaster Strikes! PRE-pared means yo plan and supply yourself BEFORE Disaster Strikes!

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