1. FEMA Leads Whole Community Response Efforts For Hurricane Dorian
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    FEMA Leads Whole Community Response Efforts For Hurricane Dorian

    Hurricane Dorian continues advancing north and, this morning, the storm made landfall in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. North Carolina and Virginia are likely to experience continued severe weather with high winds, torrential rain and flash flooding throughout the day. Remember: Stay out of floodwaters – Turn Around, Don’t Drown! If you evacuated, do not try to return home...
  2. FEMA Urges Residents in Dorian’s Path to Listen to Local Officials
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    FEMA Urges Residents in Dorian’s Path to Listen to Local Officials

    “We’re working with federal, state, tribal and local partners but we need people to do their part. Be prepared for what Dorian can do.” – FEMA Acting Administrator Pete Gaynor   September 4, 2019 Dorian is bringing life-threatening storm surge and high winds to Florida.  Even without a landfall, there will be impacts and potential for damage along the East...
  3. What's Your Plan?
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    What's Your Plan?

    Here at the end of Hurricane Preparedness Week, we'd like to suggest you formalize your reaction plan... think it through, write it down, consider not just hurricanes (and Cyclones and Typhoons) , but related floods, storm surge, evacuation, etc. Emergency Planning and Evacuation Procedures Assemble Disaster Supplies Preparedness for all Calamities – Stay Strong and Survive! Hurricane and Tropical Storm Watches...
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    Evacuation Occasion

    Fires and floods cause evacuations most frequently in the U.S. and almost every year, people who live along coastlines evacuate when a hurricane approaches. In some circumstances, local officials decide that hazards are serious and may require a mandatory evacuation. When community evacuations occur, local officials provide information mainly through media sources, although, sirens, text message alerts, emails, and...
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    Alternate routes for survival

    Prepared on the Road? What if the Road Ain't there? Your everyday commute may be interrupted by unexpected events preventing you from making it on time to your destination. Recently, many commuters in Atlanta experienced challenges getting home and had to stay put due to the winter storm. This is just one event that raised the question, “what do I...
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    Wildfires in the West...

    Here we go again - wildfire season. Red Flag Alerts are out, Santa Ana Winds are blowing, People are worried. WilfireSDHere at First Aid Store™, we are reminded of the wildfires this time of year in 2007. We had just moved into our new Corporate Distribution Hub in Encinitas, and were isolated, with all communities North, South and East evacuated. (There is only the Beautiful Blue Pacific to our West, and they didn't evacuate any fish.) WildfireSD-2Here we were - 1/2 our staff unable to make it in, the rest ready for flight if the call came... but we were working on something else. What were we doing? We packed and shipped two truckloads of first aid supplies, masks (Smoke and ash issues) and sanitary needs to the American Red Cross, while simultaneously donating and supplying similar items to our local Senior and Community Centers and evacuation points. We believe in preparedness (we're having a rush as you would expect on our Evacuation and Fire supplies right now) but we also believe in community. We've been supporting charitable efforts, participating in CERT, and contributing to the national community through education and good service for 21 years now. We hope you are, too. Read about Wildfire Preparedness & Learn how to Prepare your Family for Wild Fire Read about the Fires mentioned above: Continue reading →
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    Be ready for Wildfires!

    Are you ready for Wildfire and Evacuation? Windows/Vents - Close all windows, doors, vents, blinds before evacuating. Flame/Smoke - Smoke from wildfires is a mixture of gases and fine particles. Smoke can hurt your eyes, irritate your respiratory system, and worsen chronic heart and lung  diseases. Listen and watch for air quality reports and health warnings about smoke. You can...
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    Fire! Are you prepared for Wildfire Season?

    We've had serious Heatwaves for several years in a row now - and all that hot dry weather also leads to Wildfire Danger... Are you ready? At Work? At Home? For Evacuation? For Fire? Wildfires are common disasters that can spread quickly, particularly during dry conditions. Learning about wildfire risks and planning in advance can help protect against the destructive...

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