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  1. HNY!

  2. Why Buy a Business First Aid Kit for Home?

    Why Buy a Business First Aid Kit for Home?
    If you want a "Pretty" first aid kit, by all means, purchase a consumer first aid kit - but if you want a first aid kit for function, consider business first aid kits for home, too. We've been selling first aid kits for a long, long time... we have a good handle on what people want and what they need...
  3. Boxing Day Sale 2016

    Boxing Day Sale 2016
    Take an EXTRA 10% off all prices (even sale & reduced price items) sitewide today only. While Boxing Day may be a day to open alms boxes to the poor in other countries, in the USA, it is more descriptive of the shopping mall battles that occur the day after Christmas… We are a safety company, so we’d like to...
  4. Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to All
    Have a Magical Day
  5. Giving

    Santa, Gifts, Feasts and Movies...Make this Christmas much more than that! Christmas is a celebration of love, joy and peace. But the themes of Christmas can only be experienced when given away. So this Christmas - Develop an Attitude of Gratitude!
  6. Happy Holidays - Free 22 Minute First Aid Video

    Happy Holidays - Free 22 Minute First Aid Video
    More Home Injuries Occur During the Holidays than ANY other time of Year! Our gift to you is this FREE 22 minute First Aid video to help remind you of how to use the first aid kit you ordered from us, and how to care for all those minor home injuries. Watch it as a free skills refresher so you...
  7. Get Help

    Get Help
    We share a lot, (really a LOT) of information about Disaster Preparedness and Recovery - but did you know about this great resource? Disaster is the online portal of The Disaster Assistance Improvement Program (DAIP). The site allows you to: Find disaster assistance that meets your personal needs. Learn about more than 70 forms of assistance from 17 federal agencies...
  8. Safe Holidays - A Poem

    Safe Holidays - A Poem
    It's the holiday season and it’s definitely keeping us all on our toes. We all have plenty of tips and tricks for you to keep your spirits bright and stay safe, but this year Ready Campaign thought they would share them a little differently—via a poem. Enjoy—and have a very happy (and safe!) holiday season. Happy Holiday Tips The clock is ticking and...
  9. Tis the season to be CAREFUL

    Tis the season to be CAREFUL
    Winter & Holiday risks are very different from other times of year.. right now everyone is in a holiday frenzy, but take a moment to think about Winter Risks and how to avoid them: Are you Ready for Winter? Winter Weather Tips Winter Roads & Safety Winter Driving Winter Weather Safety More Winter Safety Winter Cold Recommendations for Workers and...
  10. Holiday and Travel Safety Toolkit

    Holiday and Travel Safety Toolkit
    Holidays - we're running around in a rush, have WAY too much to do in too little time - Ugh... this is when mishaps occur - be safe and be ready. The main tips for holiday and travel safety include: Stay off the road during and after a winter storm. Keep candles away from flammable materials or consider using flameless...
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