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  • Are You Prepared for Emergencies?

    There is always the availability of EMS or a nearby hospital to look after us whenever we have medical emergencies. For US residents, it is as easy as dialing 911. There are some situations, though, which puts us in charge of the problem when there is no help available. To help prepare people with such cases, Red Cross is offering trainings and courses for basic life support and first aid. Take a shot at how well you would do when given certain emergencies with this interactive first aid quiz.

  • Stationed at the Scene: First Aiders on Duty

    A majority of big events have first aiders or paramedics on standby in case any medical emergency happens. This is particularly true for huge crowds or celebrations that last for many hours. Jamie Yuccas takes us where the action is and gives us a peek on what these first aiders actually do. She reports for CBS Minnesota from Falcon Heights. Take a quick look at what being a skilled first aider on-location entails. You might be surprised to learn what the most commonly treated problem is.

  • US Department of Labor awards $10 million grant to combat child labor in Ecuador and Panama

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor today announced the award of two new cooperative agreements to support efforts by the governments of Ecuador and Panama to combat child labor among vulnerable groups. Both projects include a focus on children from Afro-descendant, indigenous and migrant populations.

    International Labor Organization will receive $3.5 million to fund a project that will strengthen policy and enforcement initiatives to combat child labor in vulnerable populations. Under a separate agreement, Partners of the Americas was awarded $6.5 million to provide education to children and livelihood services to their families as part of a strategy to reduce child labor. In Ecuador, both projects will include efforts to address the relationship between child labor and disability, a neglected area in global efforts against child labor. Both projects will promote the sharing of experiences in combating child labor throughout the Latin America region.

    Since 1995, Bureau of International Labor Affairs' projects have rescued approximately 1.5 million children from exploitive child labor. The Labor Department has funded 260 such projects implemented by more than 65 organizations in 91 countries. ILAB currently oversees more than $210 million of active programming to combat the worst forms of child labor. More information is available at

  • First Aid Courses Aren’t Reading Classes

    It is nice to learn that more and more individuals are getting interested with promoting health care and equipping themselves with basic skills and knowledge for possible emergencies. First aid, along with basic life support, is an essential skill that every person should have. In a forum thread, one person inquires about the necessity and practicality of undergoing first aid training. See what others have to say, and know why learning first aid off a textbook is not the best way to go.

  • First Aid and Mental Health

    When mentioning first aid, the things that come to mind include saving lives, dressing wounds, maintaining good airway, and other life-preserving measures. Mental wellness does not present itself in the picture. This is rather unfortunate, though, given that even people with psychological and/or psychosocial conditions would need the same kind of first aid and medical care if the need arises. Learn how a nursing faculty member is pushing the integration of mental health first aid to prepare the future nurses for these kinds of cases.

  • The Band of Bandages

    Ever since childhood, bandages have been one of the most common first aid treatments used on us. The proper skill involved in bandaging goes a long way, from patching up the simplest of cuts to binding the deepest of wounds. It is a skill embedded in the core of first aid training. It’s not just us people who need bandaging every now and then; pets, too, need care when they have scratches, cuts, or scrapes. Learn more on the importance of bandaging for pets here.

  • Worker Safety in Jersey

    " The Department of Labor is here to protect not only the safety of workers, but also worker's wages. We are one DOL, we (WHD) are working together with OSHA."  - George Ference, regional administrator of the Wage and Hour Division's Northeast Region, at the Dec. 17 worker safety forum in Wall Township, N.J Click on the image for a larger version. View the slideshow for more images and captions.

    Raising worker safety awareness for Hurricane Sandy cleanup efforts was one of the goals of a forum held in Wall Township, N.J., on Dec. 17. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Wage and Hour Division participated in the forum, which focused on assisting residents, business owners, unions, volunteers and advocacy groups involved in the Sandy cleanup. Other participants included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the New Jersey Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health program.

    •  View the Slideshow

  • First Aid Saves Pets’ Lives

    First aid does not only apply to people. Pets also experience different cases of injuries and illnesses which necessitate immediate care. In this story, Claire tries to save the life of a cat whose leg has been injured and wounded by applying pressure using a bandage. See if the cat survived or not in Laura Anderson Shaw's coverage of the story "First-Aid Class Helps Pet Owners Be Prepared."


  • First Aid Essential during Calamities

    First aid is often taught as a mode of prevention and protection in case of emergencies. It is also useful, though, in times of calamity and disaster. Niger is one which has been hit hard recently by heavy flooding. The UN has sent a plane bringing first aid help to the people there. For the whole story, read more on's story here: First Aid Plane Arrives in Flood-Hit Niger.


  • OSHA Newsletter - An excellent free source of information

    Did you know that the Department of Labor won 2 Public relations awards for best newsletter? See why - this outstanding and informative resource offers free guidance to businesses and great ideas for OSHA Compliance. OSHA Newsletter

    OSHA Compliance Newsletter OSHA Compliance Newsletter

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