This is it, you've decided that it is finally time to leave the world behind, grab your suitcase, and take off on that much needed and long desired vacation. With a million and one things to do before you embark on your journey, chances are that one thing you haven't really thought about is how to stay safe whilst traveling. It's reasonable enough though. With some of the most popular travel destinations in the world being Turkey, Italy, England, and China at present, safety isn't a real priority for many. But, in all fairness, safety actually should be your top priority. No matter where your destination is, you are always prone to surprise dangers that can happen to anyone, anywhere. When in Rome, Dress as the Romans Do You're on vacation and you clearly do not know your way around, unless you've visited a good number of times. Nothing makes you look more like a target than dressing like a tourist. Key tips are to ditch the fanny pack, put away the map, and be prepared by reviewing locations and areas to visit by reading over things in your hotel room. Dressing and acting like a tourist is a recipe for disaster. Do your best to blend in by adapting to local dress and mannerisms. Don't Take Off Without Informing Friends or Family Alright, yes flying away on your low-key vacation to your unknown destination to everyone but yourself does sound appealing… but it isn't a smart idea. In real life travel, there is no room for James Bond themed vacations. The reality is that a friend or family members need to know where you are in the chance that something does happen to you. Once you board that plane, find a way to keep everyone updated about where you are at least once a day. Hide the Valuables There is no doubt that your fancy watch or quality purse is going to get the green eyed attention that it deserves. However, this sort of flaunting does not belong in a foreign destination. Wearing valuables is another way that you stick out like a sore thumb and attract the worst kind of attention – like the kind from robbers and kidnappers. Be modest, dress like a local, and blend in more than not. Prioritize Your Health Another thing you want to do before you embark on your journey is to prioritize your health. Don't be a wise guy and think that traveler's insurance isn't necessary. You'll be that same guy that gets sick from local food or becomes injured in an accident and that does not have the ability to fork up the funds for treatment. It is advised that you choose insurance plans that offer you 24/7 help and emergency service and cover a range of your travel needs. According to itrek, travel insurance is for the traveler, not the tourist. So be smart, and travel like you're ready for anything.  
image of a travel first aid kit in a green bag Nothing can spoil a great vacation like an injury. Be prepared to deal with mishaps on the abroad and away from home with these first aid kits designed specifically for traveling and travelers!
Travel First Aid Kits are a MUST - There are emergency medical and first aid kits designed specifically for both Domestic & International. Travel Safety Emergency Kits Illness or injury can ruin a trip, so whenever you travel away from home, it is essential that you have a Travel first aid kit. Make sure you have all the resources you need to stay healthy -- or in the case of a bump or bruise, to make sure you can administer self-care and get back to exploring. Too many travelers assume the over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies we find in any drug store will be available on their journeys - this is often not the case, so bring a first aid kit specifically designed for traveling! To enable you to cope if a more significant health problem interrupts your travels, your first aid kit should also contain items to help you treat injuries and reduce symptoms of illness for a period of time until you can get further medical attention. Don't miss the Dental Medic Kit (a must for travelers) and the Suture Syringe kit. If you are bringing Fido along, also see Travel Kits for Pets! Here's a video about travel first aid: [video width="640" height="360" wmv="/blogs/first-aid-store/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/AMK-World-Travel.wmv"][/video] Secure Your Personal Information That passport, those 5 credit cards, the official documents, and travel tickets should not be anywhere on your person when you are traveling around your destination. Those few items should really be placed in a safe location. Otherwise, you are endangering yourself, your finances, and your identity. Nobody needs to travel around with many credit cards or a passport on their person anyways. Follow the golden rule: be as local as you can be. Know the Location of Your Country's Embassy Finally, the optimal way to secure your safety is to also be up to date on where your country's embassy is. This information can be found online by a simple search. In case that you lose your passport or a serious emergency occurs, find your way to the embassy and speak to the representatives there. They are there to help you. Traveling is meant to be an exciting and adventurous experience. But not taking the right repercussions and steps to protect yourself can leave you in a terrible situation. With the above steps, you can make sure that you stay safe, are protected, and aren't obviously the bewildered tourist whose chances of being robbed or worse are extremely high. With that, enjoy your travels and make the most of them. The world is brimming with amazing places, people, and things to see.