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Do First Aid Kits Save Lives?

First-Aid-KitsWe often think of first aid kits as a convenience for when you get a scratch of bump. Often when thinking of a personal first aid kit, we think of band-aids. In the workplace, we think of OSHA requirements. But First Aid Kits are so much more.

First Aid Kits save lives every day.

Since our sessions at the White House this year, working on developing the Stop The Bleed Campaign, we've talked a lot about the importance of bleeding control. A good first aid kit has the items necessary to tend to serious bleeding - which can kill faster than heart attack or stroke. It has other critical items, too.

Infection control is a serious concern with wounds, as is healing.

Eye Injuries can cause permanent disability.

Burns can cause disfigurement and death.

Having a good first aid kit and knowing how to use a first aid kit is essential to your safety and those around you.

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