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mosquitoes_infographic_lgWith the current Zika Scare we are getting a lot of questions about Mosquitoes... What is best? What about Deet? What is Permethrin?

Simple answer is that DEET is the most effective mosquito and insect repellent, and while many think it is dangerous because is it petroleum based, it is one of the most aggressively tested products by the EPA and FDA, and after decades is still strongly recommended by the CDC for avoiding mosquito-borne viruses, and is still registered by the EPA as an effective insect repellent.

This is not to say that other chemical and even natural  insect repellents are not effective - many are... just make sure they have passed FDA and EPA scrutiny.

The CDC says to use insect repellent, and Consumer Reports Recommends Natrapel Three Years in a Row!

Now what about Permethrin? Many mothers have heard of permethrin as a lice treatment. It's also great for treating clothing... this can keep the mosquitoes from ever coming into contact with your skin at all. Cool.

Insect Repellent & Sting Relief Products

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