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OSHA Safety Training keeps your company compliant with OSHA Standards and offers training in every category of work. Cal/OSHA, Construction, Forklift, DOT, Maritime, Oil & Gas, too! Safe and healthy working conditions are a necessity for all businesses in America today. It is every business owners obligation to ensure a safe and healthy work environment to their employees. This is due to rules and guidelines set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a part of the Department of Labor. Stay up to date with these standards. We provide information regarding <a href="/osha-safety/osha-safety-training-compliance-books-cds-dvd-videos.html" title="DVDs and VHS videos available for all OSHA Safety Topics. Spanish/English Bilingual VHS & DVD. Newest CPR, AED & First Aid Guidelines. Also, CAL/OSHA Standards, DOT/49 CFR Standards, Federal OSHA, Forklift Safety, Over 80 OSHA Safety Training Topics, Eye Safety, Accident Prevention, Bloodborne Pathogen videos and many more.">OSHA Safety Training & Compliance</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/federal-osha-29-cfr-standards.html" title="First Aid Store offers OSHA Handbooks & DVDs for OSHA Construction Regulations, OSHA Dictionary & General Industry Regulations (Bilingual) Federal OSHA 29 / CFR Standards - Helping you protect workers and stay compliant with OSHA mandates.">Federal OSHA / 29 CFR Standards</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/cal-osha-standards.html" title="Cal / OSHA Handbooks & DVDs for Industry Safety, Construction Safety, OSHA Compliance & Electrical / General Safety. Cal / OSHA - General Industry & Construction Industry - OSHA 300 Logs & More">Cal / OSHA Standards</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/dot-49-cfr-standards.html" title="OSHA Compliance Kits, Books, CDs: OSHA 1910 General Industry & OSHA 1926 Construction Industry Including OSHA Log Books, Update Services & Regulations - Federal OSHA 29 / CFR Standards - Helping you protect workers and stay compliant with OSHA mandates. OSHA Compliance Kit OSHA 1910 General Industry OSHA 1926 Construction Industry OSHA llog books">DOT / 49 CFR Standards</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/forklift-osha-industrial-lift-truck.html" title="Safety Training, Videos, and Books: Forklift Safety information for Forklift Construction, General Industry & Compliance Kits in Spanish and English.">Forklift Safety</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/hazwoper.html" title="First Aid Store offers great value on OSHA & EPA Compliant HAZWOPER training DVDs, Student Materials, Instructor Kits, Posters and much more. Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Safety Training and Certification materials.">HAZWOPER</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/hearing-protection-noise-reduction-supply.html">Hearing Protection & Supply</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/maritime-osha-safety-regulations.html" title="Maritime OSHA regulations, will help keep you in compliance with the latest safety and health regulations affecting longshoring, shipyard employment, and marine terminals.">Maritime</a>, <a href="/osha-safety/oil-gas-safety-osha-msha.html" title="Help your company in the oil and gas industry protect its workers and stay compliant with OSHA mandates.">Oil & Gas</a>, and more.

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    CONFINED SPACE ENTRY First Aid Store offers these training products created specifically for OSHA's Permit Required Confined Space Regulation (29 CFR Part 1910.146). Because of OSHA's broad definition of "confined space", these products will be useful to a number of different types of facilities, including manufacturers, utilities, petroleum and chemical industries, hospitals and many others. Small space? The definition of...
  2. Preventing More Deaths During a National Heat Wave
    Categories: Outdoor Safety & OSHA Safety

    Preventing More Deaths During a National Heat Wave

    OSHA reaches out (FEMA is concerned)... With more than 110 million Americans exposed to excessive temperatures this week ? heat indexes are expected to be above 90 degrees in almost all 48 continental states ? the Occupational Safety and Health Administration urges employers to protect workers who may be exposed to extreme heat while working outdoors or in hot environments What...
  3. Beat The Heat with the FEMA App
    Categories: Healthy Living Tips, Outdoor Safety & OSHA Safety

    Beat The Heat with the FEMA App

    It's hot across the U.S. and folks are out traveling for summer break. Download the FEMA app for free on the App Store and Google Play to stay cool and know ahead of time when extreme heat and other severe weather is on the way. Add up to five locations to include your upcoming travel destinations, and watch over family and friends...
  4. How to prevent common office place injuries...
    Categories: OSHA Safety

    How to prevent common office place injuries...

    We've talked a lot lately about the need to update your office first aid kits to the new ANSI First Aid Requirements, as well as information about keeping your records straight on workplace mishaps but what about preventing the injuries before you need to treat them or report them? Quill put out a great infographic to help with this that we would...
  5. Comply with new workplace first aid kit upgrade requirements
    Categories: OSHA Safety

    Comply with new workplace first aid kit upgrade requirements

    In 2015, ANSI changed their first aid kit standards. On June 17th, 2016, the new standards go into effect. It is likely that the kit you currently house will no longer be up to date. While ANSI sets quality and safety standards and guidelines across many industries, they are not an enforcement agency. However, the standards they set forth are...
  6. 7 Essential Items for Welding Safety
    Categories: OSHA Safety

    7 Essential Items for Welding Safety

    Welding is undoubtedly a dangerous profession and whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie DIYer learning welding skills for the first time, it is vital to wear the right safety gear. Without it you could damage your eyes with the brightness of the welding arc, you could suffer burns from sparks and even suffer illness in the long...
  7. Heat Stress
    Categories: OSHA Safety

    Heat Stress

    During Extreme Heat Week, we shared news and tips about working and playing safe in hot weather - now, as Summer approaches we want to remind you that there are OSHA Compliant safety materials on this topic, too! Heat Stress First Aid Store offers training products on Heat Stress & Extreme Heat issues for general and construction work environments to review...
  8. Workplace mishaps: Are you keeping your records straight?
    Categories: OSHA Safety

    Workplace mishaps: Are you keeping your records straight?

    Why keep records? Keeping accident, injury, and fatality records is required by law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to record these occurrences. It is important that these situations are recorded so that enforcing authorities can investigate, track, and analyze these situations. For example, if the same accident occurs multiple times over the course of a few years...
  9. Welding & Hot Work Fire Prevention Checklist
    Categories: OSHA Safety

    Welding & Hot Work Fire Prevention Checklist

    A designated welding area should be established to meet them following requirements:. a. Floors swept and clean of combustibles within 35 ft. of work area. b. Flammable and combustible liquids and material will be kept 35 ft. from work area. c. Adequate ventilation providing 20 air changes per hour, such as a suction hood system should be provided to the...
  10. Causes of Welding Accidents
    Categories: OSHA Safety

    Causes of Welding Accidents

    Many welding, cutting and brazing accidents result from: Inadequately trained personnel. Poor housekeeping practices. Poor shop layout. Inadequate lighting and ventilation. Improper storage and movement of compressed gas cylinders. Exposure of oxygen cylinders and fittings to oil or grease creating a fire or explosive hazard. Pointing welding or cutting torches at a concrete surface causing spattering and flying fragments of...

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