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Dog & Cat Care, Horse treatment - Pet First Aid. Canine, Feline, and even Equine first aid are subjects often overlooked in the general field of CPR & First Aid, but knowing what to do and being prepared with appropriate Cat & Dog Survival Kits, as well as Equine, Feline and Canine First Aid & Emergency products can save their lives and save you a fortune in Veterinarian bills when caring for your pets.

  1. Prepared Pets?
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    Prepared Pets?

    When planning for emergencies... have you considered your pets? What's in Your Pet Prep Kit? Include your pets in your emergency plans Build a separate emergency kit for your pets Make sure and keep digital records and/or pictures to identify your pet after a disaster in case you become separated Create a list of places that accept pets if an...
  2. Pet First Aid Month
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    Pet First Aid Month

    During April, we think of Spring, Taxes, and getting out - but you should also think about your Pets. April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. During this month, learn about Pet First Aid and Disaster Response and be sure you have the Pet First Aid skills and supplies you need to care for your Dog, Cat, Horse, or other four-legged family...
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    Dog Days of Summer

    Today an event called the Dog Days of Summer occurs in a small town called Cardiff-by-the-Sea, within our small city of Encinitas. There are events including costume contests and music, dancing and fun - and of course vendors selling every type of Pet Product, from holistic dog food to pet jewelry and clothing. Groomers and Veterinarians push their services, and...
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    Dogs & Cats

    Pet First Aid Essentials… First Aid for Furry Family Members Pet First Aid and CPR on Animals Pain Relief for Pets? Preparedness for Pet Owners Ticks! Annoying for Humans and Pets – and potentially DEADLY Disease carriers. The Pet Safety Guy Pet Talk: First aid for your pet Pet Emergencies First Aid Saves Pets’ Lives Pet First Aid Awareness Pet...
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    Pet First Aid

    Spring brought mud indoors with pets, but Summer brings Pet Injuries. Practical Pet First Aid for Dogs & Cats - Book Knowing CPR & First Aid are great preparedness for taking care of the family, but don't forget Fluffy, Flicka, and Fido. Our four-legged family members have different anatomy than ours... CPR is performed sideways on pets... Hydrogen peroxide is...
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    Pet First Aid Awareness

    April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Are your skills up to date? Do you have a Pet First Aid Guide? Where are your nearest Veterinary Emergency Centers? Have you set up a file on your pet(s) in advance to speed up aid should you need them? Do you have their numbers written down and in your cell phone? What about...
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    Pet First Aid and Disaster Response

    Pet Emergency Kits & Supplies - Survival Emergency Kits: Dogs, Cats & Even Horses! Illuminated Dog Collars & Leashes, Pet Safety Vests, Coleman Dog Tent & Pet Carriers. MediBags & First Aid DVDs for pets. Pet First Aid Guides and ID + More April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month - What better time to rethink the preparations your have made...
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    Animal Style

    Ah First Aid and CPR come in all shapes and sizes... From Turtle CPR, to Koala CPR, Squirrel CPR, Wallaby CPR, Pigeon CPR, even House Fly CPR... now the latest.. no monkeying around here! Onlookers at a train station in northern India watched in awe as a monkey came to the rescue of an injured friend — resuscitating ... He grabs him and shakes...
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    Government Resources for Pet Health

    The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is all about Human Health, right? Nope. They also have GREAT resources for Pet Safety, Health and First Aid! The FDA regulates animal drugs, animal food (including pet food), and medical devices for animals, and conducts research that helps shape regulatory decisions, among other activities. The FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) has a wealth of...
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    Protect your Pets Halloween Weekend

    Well it's Halloween weekend and everyone will be having fun trick or treating, dressing up and partying. But remember that there are some very cruel people who will use this happy occasion as an excuse to torture and abuse animals. It happens every year and it is sad and disgusting. Survival Emergency Kits: Dogs, Cats & Even Horses! Illuminated Dog...

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