1. Flu Vaccine? More do it now than in the past
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    Flu Vaccine? More do it now than in the past

    Flu vaccine is produced by private manufacturers, so supply depends on manufacturers. For this season, manufacturers have projected they will provide between 171 to 179 million doses of vaccine for the U.S. market. (Projections may change as the season progresses.) Read more about the Flu this year. Seasonal Influenza Vaccine & Total Doses Distributed 2015-16 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine—Total Doses Distributed...
  2. Flu on the Rise
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    Flu on the Rise

    While it had a slow start this year, the Flu Season is definitely here and cases are on the rise. The most recent reports shows increasing flu activity in the US. Additional increases in activity are expected in the coming weeks. Flu activity most often peaks in February and can last into May. It is not too late to get your...
  3. Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic
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    Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic

    We've been so focused on cold weather, we haven't shared a lot about Cold & Flu yet this season... Remember that Seasonal Flu can be serious, and can spread through the workplace rapidly. The flu vaccine is your best defense against seasonal flu. Everyone 6 months of age and older should get the flu vaccine. While this year the Flu has been moderate...
  4. Seasonal Flu
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    Seasonal Flu

    Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated guidance for protecting individuals from seasonal flu.  Flu Update Seasonal flu in the workplace Cold & Flu: Myth vs. Fact ~ FREE Infographic Flu and You Avoiding the Flu Three Guides for Pandemic Influenza Planning Don’t Rely on Quick Flu Tests Test your Flu IQ Influenza estacional...
  5. Getting Chilly
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    Getting Chilly

    It's time to start bundling up. Fall is beautiful, but is the doorway to Winter and brings escalating health and safety concerns. Frostbite and Hypothermia can even occur in Summer, so it should certainly be a concern in Autumn. Cozy Fires bring burn and fire safety risks. Of course, too - we're now in Flu Season, so consider cold &...
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    Flu Update

    Flu activity is still  low in the United States, but flu outbreaks can happen as early as October. Flu causes millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths every season. More than 76 million doses of 2015-16 flu vaccine have been distributed so far. This season's vaccines have been updated to better match circulating viruses. CDC...
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    Global Handwashing Day

    Yes, there really is a Global Handwashing Day! It is next Thursday, October 15. Why? Handwashing can reduce the number of people who get diarrhea by about 30%. Handwashing helps slow the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses - Handwashing it critical to stopping pandemics and flu outbreaks. Washing your hands should involve these 5 scientifically proven steps: 1) Wet your...
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    Flu Vaccine not working well this year

    While the flu vaccine is not working as well as usual against some H3N2 viruses, vaccination can still protect some people and reduce hospitalizations and deaths, and will protect against other flu viruses. Flu activity is high across most of the country with flu illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths elevated. Flu season will probably continue for several more weeks. Influenza antiviral...
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    Does Cold Cause a Cold?

    Yale researchers released a new study which suggests that cool temperatures can play a role in causing the common cold, by inhibiting the virus-fighting ability of cells in the nose. It's a commonly held belief that catching a chill can bring on a nasty cold. However, researchers have long argued the point, noting that people can transmit and catch cold...
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    Snot a fun way to spend the Holidays!

    In much of the Northern Hemisphere, this is prime time for colds, influenza (flu), and other respiratory illnesses. While contagious viruses are active year-round, fall and winter are when we're all most vulnerable to them... Get Set for a Healthy Winter Season Cold & Flu: Myth vs. Fact ~ FREE Infographic Seasonal flu in the workplace Feed a Cold and Starve...

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