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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  • Driving In The Dark on Halloween

    A majority of motor vehicle accidents happen after dark, even though we drive less at night than in the daytime. That being said think about Halloween evening when kids are running rampant. We'd like to share with you some safe driving tips but also protect yourself & family from drivers by ordering some glowsticks, flashlights, and reflective safety vests before Halloween.

    The long evenings can put us at greater risk for fatal crashes this Autumn, as many of us commute both to and from work in the dark. In addition, our after-work errands, sports, and other activities put us out in the traffic in the dark.

    Here are Some Tips to Protect You and Your Family In the Dark:
    • Head to work early so you don't have to speed. Besides the darkness, there may be the problem of frost to remove from the windshield.
    • Check your driving lights and signal lights regularly to make sure they are working and clear of obstructions.
    • Turn your headlights on as soon as the light begins to get dim.
    • Use your low beams when you are following another vehicle or when a vehicle approaches from the opposite direction. When you blind the other driver with your high beams, you are endangering yourself.
    • Look beyond your own headlights. Use streetlights and the lights of vehicles in front of you to get an idea of what is happening down the road.
    • Leave an extra space around your vehicle at night, to allow more reaction time for yourself and other drivers.
    • Pay attention to warnings of animal crossings. Animals are most likely to be active around roads in the early morning and early evening.
    • Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone on the road. Statistics suggest that one out of 13 drivers is drunk in the early morning hours, so give others plenty of space to maneuver.
    • During a car problem where you have to pull over on the road, pull as far off the road as you can. Warn other drivers with your four-way flashers, headlights, interior lights and flares if you have them.

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