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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Resolve

    Look Back to Look Forward

    How has your year been? How would you like next year to be better or different? These are things we should all think about as a year comes to an end – but when you do, try thinking about it as you, the person. What kind of person have you been this year? Personally? Professionally? How would you like to change these answers the next time you ask yourself? Do it.

    When thinking about your resolutions this year, think about the meaning of the word. Make it real.


    verb  re·solve  \ri-?zälv, -?zo?lv also -?zäv or -?zo?v\

    : to make a definite and serious decision to do something

    : to make a formal decision about something

    :  to reduce by analysis <resolve the problem into simple elements>

    :  to distinguish between or make independently visible adjacent parts of

    :  to deal with successfully

    :  clear up <resolve doubts> <resolve a dispute>

    :  to find an answer to

    :  to make clear or understandable

    :  to find a mathematical solution of

    :  to reach a firm decision about <resolve to get more sleep> <resolve disputed points in a text>

    :  to declare or decide by a formal resolution

    :  to make (as voice parts) progress from dissonance to consonance

    :  to work out the resolution of


    Thank you Merriam Webster!

  • Cops and Kits Save Lives

    We talked yesterday about he critical need for first aid kits both at home and at work.

    How about First Responders?


    Cops are rescuers, and being properly equipped means saving lives.

    In a recent NBC news story, Cleveland area ER doctors have confirmed Cleveland police officers saved at least three lives in less than a week, with first aid kits used in each incident. According to the article, last week, an 18-year-old crashed his car and then the teen had suffered a gunshot wound shortly before the accident. He ran from police. Those same officers then saved his life. The officers used first aid kits with life-saving products, like tourniquets and QuikClot.

    Have the same essential lifesaving items in your home, car, at work... everywhere. See The Adventure Medical Kits Tactical Field Trauma with QuikClot... it has been a popular product with a wide range of our customers, not just law-enforcement and the hard core Outdoorsmen worried about gunshot wounds, but workplace responders, do-it-yourselfers, and more. Severe bleeding is a serious threat to life, occurs suddenly without warning, and if you truly want to be prepared to stop the bleed, you need to be ready.


  • Do First Aid Kits Save Lives?

    First-Aid-KitsWe often think of first aid kits as a convenience for when you get a scratch of bump. Often when thinking of a personal first aid kit, we think of band-aids. In the workplace, we think of OSHA requirements. But First Aid Kits are so much more.

    First Aid Kits save lives every day.

    Since our sessions at the White House this year, working on developing the Stop The Bleed Campaign, we've talked a lot about the importance of bleeding control. A good first aid kit has the items necessary to tend to serious bleeding - which can kill faster than heart attack or stroke. It has other critical items, too.

    Infection control is a serious concern with wounds, as is healing.

    Eye Injuries can cause permanent disability.

    Burns can cause disfigurement and death.

    Having a good first aid kit and knowing how to use a first aid kit is essential to your safety and those around you.

  • Why First Aid for Burns Is Critical Firefighting Equipment

    Firefighters and First Responders know...

    While your gear is carefully designed to protect you when responding to a fire, there are definitely times in every firefighter’s career when a burn simply cannot be avoided. You may even have to assist someone else who is burned until they can receive care. Whether the burn is more severe and requires extensive medical attention, or is on the less severe end of the spectrum and can be cared for at home, all firefighters need to know the protocol for burn treatment. Knowing how to respond to a burn as soon as it occurs can provide a better prognosis and encourage healing—or even help save a life.

    Flame-BurstThe Importance of First Aid Training

    While advances in technology mean that firefighting gear is becoming more advanced every day, they are not always failsafe when it comes to protecting you from burns. In addition to knowing basics like CPR, you may very well find yourself having to treat victims of a fire who have suffered burns before they are able to receive help from medical personnel. You would not consider life-saving pieces of equipment, such as your hose or your boots, to be expendable, and first aid should definitely be included in that category. As a firefighter, people depend on you for lifesaving assistance, and you always want to be in the position to help them as much as possible.

    The First Aid Supplies You Need

    First-Responder-TraumaAs a part of your first aid readiness, you should make sure that you have everything you need to administer assistance, starting with first aid supplies. If you need to stock up on the essentials, L.N. Curtis carries EMS supplies such as gloves, trauma bags, medical backpacks, skin cleansers, and lightweight first aid kits. Make it a routine to stock your first aid response kit. Double check that tools like scissors are in working order.

    Where to Learn More About Treating Burns

    Your department should offer training and resources for you to learn the basic first aid skills that will be required of you on the job. However, should you find that you’d like to learn more about first aid and treating burns, you should not hesitate to increase your knowledge base with reputable resources.

    Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer from Omaha, Nebraska. She has written for clients like Demand Media and the Omaha World-Herald. When she isn’t working on DIY projects with her two daughters, Lauryn and Lila, she’s volunteering at her local pet shelter.

  • Don't let your Holiday Happiness go up in smoke

    Here we are, twixt and tween the peak Holidays... remember that this is a time of high-fire-risk with Christmas Trees drying out, but lights and fires blazing away.

    As you tidy up from Christmas and start thinking about New Year Festivities and Resolutions, we'd like to share some Fire and Burn Safety information.



  • Shopping Madness!

    After ChristmasWhile a great many of our readers and bundling up to hit the after-Christmas sales, and still others are limbering their fingers for all the online sale shopping today, we want to remind you that shopping can be hazardous to your health and wellness as well as to your finances! Take precautions when shopping to protect your identity, your money, your finances, and your body - know where the exits are, and stay aware of what is going on around you - crowds lend themselves to chaos, and bad guys thrive in these situations.

    Go enjoy, make it a special day - get everything Santa missed...

    Have fun, but be safe!


  • Merry Christmas & Safe Holidays to you all!


  • Christmas Eve

    FAS-WinterHere we are at Christmas Eve... running around with last minute thoughts and preparations for the 3 day Holiday Weekend.

    Hopefully, you each have wonderful plans for festive times, good friends, family and some loved ones.

    Whatever your plans, we wish you the best, remind you to enjoy safely, and look forward to touching each of you in some meaningful way through the coming year.

  • Anyone looking forward to Christmas?

    Wow... gotta lotta short-timers' syndrome going on... I think everyone already has visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads!


  • Ho Ho Hustle

    Christmas RosesHolidays are a stressful time... gifts to buy, parties to attend, homes and offices to decorate, entertainment, obligations, and preparing year-end responsibilities.

    Chill out, Stress Kills. What could really be that important?

    Stop and enjoy the beauty, peace, and love of the season if you can.

    With some practical tips, you can minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays. You may even end up enjoying the holidays more than you thought you would.

    Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression from the Mayo Clinic

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