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    Fendall (EyeSaline)

    Fendall is a Top Quality Emergency Eye Wash brand proudly offered by First Aid Store.

    Honeywell is the well-respected market leader in portable eyewash stations and is recognized for its wide range of emergency eyewash products, including the first 100% sterile sealed-fluid cartridge and 100% sterile delivery station, the first self-contained gravity-fed station and the first heated self-contained gravity-fed station.

    Fendall by Sperian and Honeywell, brings emergency eye care to a whole new level. With their high quality eye wash stations such as the Fendall 2000, you get  sterile eyewash delivered through a completely sterile delivery system. All products deliver a buffered physiologically balanced saline solution free of contaminants, bacteria, corrosives and pollutants. Other Fendall products such as the Pure Flow 1000 to the Porta Stream can deliver anywhere from 6 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted saline solution stream to get out as much of the pollutants and contaminants in the eyes as possible.