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    Winter will end - Floods will begin

    While this Winter has brought a lot of rain and flooding in the West, Spring Floods will impact the entire country as weather begins to warm...

    Prepare for Spring Flooding

    Prepare for possible spring flooding now before it sneaks up on you.

    Follow these tips from to make sure you, your family and your home are ready for flooding:

    • Know your flood risk.
    • Make a flood emergency plan.
    • Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit, including a flashlight, batteries, cash, and first aid supplies.
    • Consider buying flood insurance.
    • Familiarize yourself with local emergency plans. Know where to go and how to get there should you need to get to higher ground, the highest level of a building, or to evacuate.
    • Stay tuned to your phone alerts, TV, or radio for weather updates, emergency instructions, or evacuation orders.


    Reading the the subject:

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    For more flood safety information, download the America’s PrepareAthon!  How to Prepare for a Flood  guide.


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